Best Keyless Door Locks for Vacation Rental Properties – 2019 Edition

With the conveniences and added security that keyless door locks provide, there’s really no excuse for you to not be using keyless at your rental property. You are almost guaranteed to recover the cost of the keyless lock within the first year just from the added efficiency of not maintaining a physical key. Add on the fact that your guests will likely be rather impressed with how easy it was to check into the property. Often times, check-in is often as simple as texting the custom code to your guests on the morning of their arrival.


Still not sold on why you really should have keyless locks at your Airbnb property? Here is a compilation of 7 of our experts most enticing arguments for going keyless:

  1. Rather than meeting your guest or hiding the key under the rock, check-in is as simple as texting their unique code the morning of arrival.
  2. Eliminates the need to meet your guest at check out or having to trust them to remember to leave the physical key on the counter. (It’s really a pain when a guest flies back home with your key!)
  3. Added security of knowing that none of your guests have possibly made a copy of the physical key.
  4. Allowing authorized parties (property managers, cleaners, maintenance, realtors, etc.) to enter your home when you’re not there using unique codes.
  5. Time stamp reports of when any parties entered/exited the property.
  6. The ability to sync your keyless deadbolt lock to many differeny home automation systems.
  7. Impossible for guests to misplace the key (thus preventing any annoying lock out calls from your renters).

With how many different brands and features are offered today it can be hard to know who makes the best keyless locks and which models have the features you’re looking for. Our experts have tested each of these locks at their rental properties and have reported back with their findings. Each of these locks is recommended for all-around value, security, and convenience of use. It needs to be in budget, keep your house secure, and be easy for guests to use.

Here are the 2019 Expert Airbnb Recommended Keyless Locks, divided into three categories this year (Budget, All-Around, High-End):

Best Budget Keyless Locks:

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

If you’re looking for a basic keyless lock that is relatively easy to install and use, the Kwikset 909 may be for you. Learning from predecessors the 907 and 908, the 909 has the features you want like:

  • Backlit keypad
  • Interior LED light to indicate lock status
  • 30 second auto-lock feature
  • Alarm with 3 wrong entries
  • SmartCode allows up to 8 unique codes

Kwikset has been making quality, affordable locks for half a century and many of our experts report this as a popular choice for a basic keyless starter lock. The ability to put in 8 unique codes means you have can give multiple guests different unique codes. We often program the code to be the last 4 digits of a guest’s phone number. This works well for a few reasons. It makes it easier for the guest to remember but it also emphasizes the fact that you’ve created a custom code for your guest that is only active during their stay. Since it’s their phone number it causes your guest to sleep comfortably knowing that no one else has had that code before.

As with most Kwikset products, the 909 is easy to install in about 15 minutes. For the price, it’s hard to find much that lacks with this model. A few experts report that the locking mechanism is rather loud when it is in the process of engaging. Others have mentioned that, while the majority of the compenents are metal, the use of a few plastic parts certainly does differentiate this lock from other, more expensive keyless locks.

Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder Deadbolt

As with the Kwikset 909, the 92640 (sometimes called the “264”), is a reliable and practical option that won’t break the bank. While many of the features are similar as the 909, the appearance certainly differs and there are enough differences with the features that it’s worth taking the time to compare. Some of the features of the Kwikset 92640:

  • Motorized driven keyless deadbolt
  • 1-touch lock
  • Easy installation in 15 minutes
  • 6 customizable entry codes
  • Auto door locking after 10-99 seconds
  • Temporary codes can be used once

The programming is a bit different from the 909 since the 92640 doesn’t utilize the SmartCode system. For contractors and vendors that may need access to your house one single time, the one-time codes are a handy feature. You may have cleaners, vendors, or contractors that may need to come over when no one’s home and the one-time codes allow you to grant access without giving your personal code.

Best All-Around Keyless Locks:

Schlage BE365 CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

This is the keyless deadbolt that many of our experts would purchase more often than others. It’s reliable, easy to install and program, and maintains a durability that sets it apart. Schlage has always been a leader in this space and the Camelot proves they are committed to being a leader in keyless technology.

  • Backlit, rubberized keypad display
  • Solid metal construction throughout
  • 19 different unique codes
  • 3-year battery life
  • Easy one person, one tool install
  • Variety of finishes (Brass, Nickel, Bronze, Chrome, Pewter)
  • Optional Handleset (extra cost)

The Camelot is an all-around great keyless lock and for about $100, it’s hard to beat the value for what you get. The solid metal construction looks classy and the buttons feel durable and well-made. The Camelots were released in 2015 and many of our experts report that even after 3+ years of use the buttons have not faded or loosened from the base. This can certainly be an issue with other budget keyless locks.

It does not offer an autolock feature like the Kwiksets, so it relies on the user to either turn the deadbolt or engage the lock button from the outside. For guests who may have not used a keyless lock without autolock, it may be a good idea to place a reminder sticker on the interior of the door.

Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad 

Our experts keep this on the list, but honestly you may not need the few extra features that differentiate the Kwikset 909 (above) and this model. As they did with the 907 and other previous models, Kwikset will likely continue to add features to the 910 and eventually lower the price or phase out the 909. But until then, do take a look at the 909 to see if it fits your needs.

If you are looking to be in this mid-level price/quality, the Schlage Camelot may be the superier choice at this time. But Kwikset is a good company and we like to keep the 910 on the list as it is eventually bound to replace the 909.

Look into the Z-Wave technology and research as to whether it would be useful in your home. If you have a smart home system or a smart security system, look into whether the Z-Wave will allow you to use bluetooth to sync your locks with your home automation/security system.

Best High-End Keyless Locks:

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage has been making locks for a 100 years and they continue to add new features and finishes to their Century line (Bronze, Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Black). The Century has a sleek, sharp look that has a more modern feel compared with other Schlage models. The door slides vertically to cover the keypad with a backup physical key cylinder. Z-Wave technology allows you to pair the lock with a variety of different home automation systems to allow the lock to be engaged using the web or a smartphone.

While it will be up to you as to whether the Z-Wave Connect makes this Schlage worthy of the higher price when compared with the Camelot. But it can’t be denied that the design is sleek and the available features are impressive, including the Handlegrip set and Latitude Lever.

Kwikset 912 / 914 / 916 / Kevo SmartCode Electronic UL Deadbolt

Amazon Alexa is the leading home automation system and if you have an Alexa household you may want to consider the Kwikset 99140 due to its compatability with the Virtual Assistant. Once linked, you’ll be able to use voice commands to lock or unlock your door. With the use of a third party automation app you can check the status of the lock and engage/disengage the lock from your phone.

Single-touch auto locking feature automatically engages the lock after 30 seconds.

The 916 model has the SecureScreen touchscreen technology but function wise, is fairly similar to the 914. The Kevo is the Kwikset’s most advanced lock, using bluetooth to wirelessly connect your phone to your lock.

Which ever lock you do end up selecting, you are likely to save a significant amount of time and money compared with trying to continue to use physical keys. Not only are they a hassle, they also just don’t have the same level of security. With quality keyless locks starting at about $50, this is one of the first investments I’d make if I was starting to rent my property on Airbnb.


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