Get More Eyes On Your Airbnb Listings & Convert Prospects to Bookings

This may be obvious but it can’t be stated enough… your Airbnb listing is only as good as you make it seem online. Far too often we see great properties with a lousy online presense. Don’t let your listing just blend in with the monotony of the other bland listings in your area. When you’re scrolling through listings in your area it’s not difficult to identify the owners who have taken the time to really make their listing unique and filled with the character of the space.




Here are some proven ways to really make your listing command the attention of your prospects because it will be almost irrisistable for the visitor to not click your link just our of sheer curiosity if nothing else. Here are some of the best ways to make your listings truly represent the character of your property:

Create Really Catchy & Unique Titles By Expanding Your Vocabulary

We’ve all scrolled through Airbnb and seen the monotony of articles with bland titles such as: “Nice 3 Bedroom House in Chicago”. I’m sure your house is nice but your title is so boring. Titles like this mean you are losing out on significant traffic and potential renters. We live in a scrolling society and your title is that first invitation to those millions of monthly visitors on Airbnb looking for a place to stay.

Same goes for titles like: “Awesome Apartment Awaiting Your Arrival in Portland!”. These titles, as exciting as they may be, don’t tell your prospect anything unique about the place you are renting. We want to hear about the location, about the history, the amenities. Words like Awesome, Great, Good, Best are just fillers, what we often call junk words. Avoid these because many potential renters will question why you need to be so excited about exclaiming that your place is the best.

A few examples of titles with high click rates:

  • A Hundred Sandy Footprints from your Balcony to the Beach
  • Ski Out Your Front Door to the Chair Lifts in 6 Minutes
  • Private Sommelier Tour at Neighboring Mountainside Vineyard
  • Paddle From Your Private Dock to the Island Out Your Window
  • Enjoy Fresh Fruits & Veggies from Daily Market Around the Corner
  • Hike Dozens of Breathtaking Trails Nearby w/ Quality Gear Provided

You get the idea. These listings paint the picture. They use descriptors to help the reader to really feel what it’s like to live in this space. To envision what it will be like if they choose to rent this particular place. Every space has uniquely positive qualities and it’s up to you, and you alone, to make sure those qualities are portrayed in the best way possible.

Clear & Concise Descriptions w/ Honest and Specific Details

The last thing most readers want is a long description filled with a bunch of fluff. On the other hand, you’re cheating yourself if you just provide the basic details. You’ve reeling your prospect in by convincing them to click your title; now it’s up to you to continue to peak their attention with content that is informative and to-the-point. Start with the positives but eventually use this space to convey the full experience, including potential negatives. The first paragraph, like your title, must allow your prospect to feel the positive attributes of your property. What made you decide to purchase this exact property in this specific location?

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